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Dip | Taste of Beirut (variety pack of 4)

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Our taste of Beirut consists of 4 delicious authentic dips, they are perfect for any gathering at your home or outdoors. Also, perfect to take with you to the park and let your friends enjoy our delicious cold mezza dips with some fresh pita, some veggies, or our signature zaatar crunchy pita chips.  

  • Hommos
  • Mtabal Batenjen 
  • Labneh
  • Mhammarah
  • Pitta Bag 

**Make sure to add our Vegetarian meals, Fatoush, and side dishes to enjoy with our authentic Dips. 


Our Hummus or how many Beiruties pronounce it "Hommos" is the true authentic Lebanese flavour you crave from your mom's Kitchen.  super smooth texture, nutty and great to enjoy with veggies or with some fresh pita bread.

If you wish to take it to the next level, you can try our Hummus with seasoned Ground Beef (Hommos B'lahmeh) that which is topped with seasoned ground beef and topped with our signature mixed nuts. see under Mezza BY LLK collection. 

Serves 4-6 guests


Baba Ghanouj or Mtabbal Batenjen is a smokey and delicious eggplant Lebanese dip.  its served as a cold mezza / appetizer alongside hommos, Muhammara, Labneh,  and many other cold or hot mezza.  it is made of grilled mashed eggplant, tahini, garlic and lemon juice. Mtabal Batenjen and pomegranates goes hand in hand, love to top it with so many pomegranates and lots of olive oil. 

 serves 4-6 guests


Our signature Labneh is a mix of many ingredients we grew up devouring whenever my mother made our Labneh sandwich.  It is the perfect cold mezza dip alongside Hommos, mhammarah, mtabbal batenjen and many other cold and hot mezzas. Go ahead, dip your veggies, soft or crunchy pita any enjoy with your friends or simply alone!  

serves 4-6 guests


Mhammarah is a Middle Eastern cold mezza dip, it is originally from Syria, to be exact Aleppo.  I know this details because my Grandmother from my mother side was  born and raised in Aleppo then moved to Beirut where she met and married my grandfather.

fast forward,  Mhammarah is made with roasted red pepper, ground walnuts and always my Téta's secret add ons to make it exceptionally delicious with a hint of sweetness, slightly smoky and not too spicy.   now you know why I love this dip, it really reminds me of my Téta (grandmother) may she RIP. 

Serves 4-6 guests