Little Leah's Kitchen

At LLK we don't just offer cakes, cupcakes and desserts, we create works of art that are the perfect touch for any special occasion.

All our gourmet desserts are made using only the finest ingredients. Every order is unique and we work with you to match your style and taste in order to wow your guests and loved ones.


The Inspiration

As many Moms can relate, the reason I work hard everyday is for all my children. My youngest, Little Leah, inspires me every day to keep working on my dreams and build a better future for my family.

Meet the Founder

I'm Hanadi, the founder of Little Leah's Kitchen. I started LLK in 2016 as I was seeking a career change that would allow me to work on my passion & align with my top priority, being the best Mom I can be.

After receiving a Bachelor degree in Corporate Finance and working for many years in this field. I have decided to shift my career into something I am passionate about.

I made the jump to design little tasty dreams in the kitchen and I couldn't be happier. Seeing the smiles and hearing stories when someone receives one of our desserts fills my heart and soul with joy and inspires me to keep going forward.

Thank you for believing in us!


Our Commitment

Premium Ingredients

We only use the finest and freshest ingredients on the market. 

Freshly Made

Each item is made to order and never sitting on shelves and you will taste the difference.

Small Batches

We only take a limited amount of clients in order dedicate ourselves 100% to your order.