Dietary Information

At LLK we use the highest quality ingredients we can get our little hands on.


We cater to most needs and requests, below is more information for dietary restrictions and allergens.


  • NUTS: We offer nut-free options, however some products may contain traces of nuts as our facilities are not nut-free and cross contamination is possible.
  • VEGAN: We are proud to offer delicious vegan options and all ingredients used are certified vegan and of the highest quality from the cake batter, icing, filling to only using top quality cane sugar (natural, unrefined). Our facilities are not vegan certified; however, when preparing vegan recipes all utensils and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. 
  • GLUTEN: We gladly accommodate gluten free & keto requests, however our facilities are not gluten-free certified and cross contamination is a possibility due to the nature of airborne flour. 


We will always do our very best to accommodate every request, if you have further questions, please contact us directly at